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Web Marketing in Los Angeles Call 951-473-6577

September 22nd, 2010 1 comment

Web Marketing is an art within it self. We must make sure the color of your website attracts the eyes of your customers. We must put google analytics on your website to see how many visitors you get to your website. Plus we must measure all conversions and provide competitive intelligence on what your competition is doing! So when you need professional Web Marketing in Los Angeles (of Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and Hermosa Beach California) Call Martin at 951-473-6577! I specialize in all types of web marketing such as: seo, social media,web 2.0, pay per click ppc, google adwords professional, and more. Call for a free web 2.0 consultation today! Get your business marketed on the font page of google today! We do web marketing like no one else does! Our Web Marketers are standing by the phone, CALL ONE OF OUR WEB MARKETERS today!!! 951-473-6577

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RapidMiner Tutorial – Importing Data into RapidMiner (Data Mining and Predictive Analytics System)

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

A tutorial showing how to import data into RapidMiner. RapidMiner is an open source system for data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications

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Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 9

September 22nd, 2010 1 comment

Google Tech Talks
July 24, 2007


This is the Google campus version of Stats 202 which is being taught at Stanford this summer. I will follow the material from the Stanford class very closely. That material can be found at The main topics are exploring and visualizing data, association analysis, classification, and clustering. The textbook is Introduction to Data Mining by Tan, Steinbach and Kumar. Googlers are welcome to attend any classes which they think might be of interest to them. Credits: Speaker:David Mease

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Innovative Upper Austria (9 minutes)

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

Around a quarter of Austrian industrial production and exports derive from Upper Austria, which is thus the leader among the nine federal states.

Austrias leading industrial region is characterised by high levels of dynamism and economic stability. Powerful employment growth and low levels of unemployment are the result of the competitive strengths of the region and its companies.

Upper Austrias good economic and labour market ratings in international comparisons derive from a number of factors, of which the following are the most important:

High levels of employee qualifications and motivation
An economic structure with a “healthy” blend of branches and company dimensions with a wealth of innovative and flexible companies, which are thus highly competitive
Corporate strengths with regard to innovation and flexibility
Many of these companies have focused on market niches and number among Europes leaders with regard to market share and technology.

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Keynote Speaker: Futurist Patrick Dixon – industry trends – management, marketing, customers, lifestyles, motivation, change management and leadership development. Corporate event keynote speaker: video and slides.

September 22nd, 2010 24 comments

Keynote speaker – Futurist – at conference / corporate event. Global leadership event for MTN by Dr Patrick Dixon. Keynote lecture given to multinational audience of several hundred in South Africa. Keynote presentation covered marketing, management, motivation, industry, leadership, new technology, mobile phones, broadband, convergence, divergence,web phones, future of broadband, sms, video phones and other devices. Keynote conference slides also available on consumer trends, customer relationship management, client support. Business communications and virtual teams and virtual organisations. Leadership training and executive education. Patrick Dixon is a keynote speaker on issues such as globalisation, culture clashes, poltical change, global warming, carbon trading, demogaphics, urbanisation, bottom of pyramid, health, ageing and AIDS. Watch other Conference keynote lectures by Patrick Dixon. Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks. Keynote also covered mobile payment systems, micropayments, mobile phone credit card transactions and loans. Economic impact of remittances from foreign workers using SMS credit to avoid foreign exchange transaction costs. How biometrics fingerprint technology will allow large mobile phone payments. Commissions and interest charges on loans. Impact of revenues from American Express, Visa, Delta, Access, Mastercard moving to mobile phone transactions. Threat to retail banks from mobile phone payment systems using SMS, RFID and other technologies including biometrics. All innovation is divergent – doing things different and better. But most companies focus on convergence on price, quality, features.

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Frenemies: The Secret to Keyword Research (Segment 6)

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

Why the wrong kind of keyword research could be a reckless habit–and how to beat it.

Out of context, the information you get could be misleading. Your rival could be doing you a favor or taking you down the wrong path. Discover the antidotes.

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KSTV – Competitive Intelligence Tracking 101

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

Tracking video that will help you understand the use of KSTV – Tracking Account.

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Beyond Keywords: Research Based Strategies That Work

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

When it comes to market research, the first thing most people think of is finding relevant keywords. Keyword research is only the first step, however. There’s much more to setting up research based strategies for building marketing sites with longevity and profitability.

To read or comment on site:

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Competition Analysis Basics for SEO

September 22nd, 2010 No comments

Understanding how to analyze your competitors and get a feel for who you can compete with in a reasonable period of time is paramount to creating a solid strategy.

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Is It A Scan or The Real Deal Maverick Money Maker Review

September 3rd, 2010 No comments

Below is a short maverick money makers review Maverick money makers is a membership website for new and Make Money On The Internet Maverick Money Makers is a personal coaching program that will teach you how to make money online.

First and foremost, Maverick Money Makers will teach you how to pick a niche/topic to make a website about.

Mack Michales the creator and author of Maverick Money Makers will teach you how to figure out who your competition is.
– Teach you how to figure out WHY they are in the number one spot on Google – and then teach you how to beat them out for that number one spot by doing COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Also, Maverick Money Makers will teach you nine ways to make money fast.
– These quick ways to make money at home online are entitled “Quick Money Blueprints.”

Some of the Quick Money Blueprints in Maverick Money Makers are:
Adbrites – Adbrites are similiar to Pay Per Click advertising, but they are much cheaper and more laser targeted.

Free Trials – Maverick Money Makers teaches you how to give away free trial offers that will make you a lot of money, while working at home just by giving away free trial offers – for products such as Provillius (regrow your hair product).

Ebay Trading – Maverick Money Makers will teach you how to start making money using Ebay the first day that start.
Ebay trading is in my opinion the best way to make money online and it is only taught in Maverick Money Makers.

Magical Auctions – Do you want to make money online? If you do, you might have to do somethings that others may feel are a bit on the grey hat side of selling products.

Magical Auctions is a way of selling dirt cheap products for high price tags by painting a picture using words.

Super Affiliate – An affiliate is someone that sells other people’s products. A super Affiliate is someone that sells other people’s products very successfully. If you want to start making money selling Maverick Money Makers, this is a great program to be apart of…

Maverick Money Maker affiliates earn recurring comission rates and Maverick Money Makers is one of the top selling Clickbank Products; and it has been on the top 5 list of the best selling Clickbank products for over a year!
—————————————- —————————————
Also, in Maverick Money Makers are Skillset Videos which will train you to become one of the top 2% of internet marketers by teaching you how to do:

Article Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Bookmarking
and a lot more…..

Also, inside the bonus section of Maverick Money Makers are over 100 niche ideas which you can start a website for and start promoting different products. And you can start these websites using a free webpage creator such as Squidoo.

Also, in Maverick Money Makers is Mack Michaels virtual bookshelf where he has over 20 popular novels which you can read at your own pace.

Some of the authors in the virtual bookshelf are Donald Trump and Dale Carnegie. Is It A Scan or The Real Deal Maverick Money Maker Review

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