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Best Adwords Analysis Tool – SpyFu PPC Recon Reports

September 28th, 2011 3 comments Be the first to know about EARLY BETA ACCESS! PPC Competitive Intelligence Reports for AdWords Opportunities. Exclusively from

Duration : 0:1:31

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Gestor Online – Vídeo Demo –

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Video Demo of Business Intelligence Gestor Online, Data Mining, Dashboards, KDD Knowledge Discovery in Database, Situation Room, Charts, Email Bulletins, Monitor, CRM, Multidimensional Views, Alert Management.

The GESTOR ONLINE is software of intelligence and the access to information stored in its knowledge base. It is composed of the following modules presented as follows:

The GESTOR ONLINE also provides a service component for specific Technical Consulting, for the development of data extraction activities for transactional systems, assembly of Data Warehouse and development of ratings and analyses.

Duration : 0:5:40

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Data Mining, MARSplines for Regression – Session 25

September 28th, 2011 No comments

MARSplines is a non-parametric data mining tool used for modeling either classification or regression tasks. This episode of the data mining series will explore MARSplines analysis and results in STATISTICA using the regression example data, beverage manufacturing. Topics include features of the MARSplines analysis, model building and preventing overfitting the data, model diagnostics and deployment options.

Duration : 0:7:17

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How to Start a Company – The Story of GrassRoots Biotechnology

September 28th, 2011 No comments

The Entrepreneurship at Duke: Education Series presents the “How to Start a Company” Series. These are stories of Duke alumni who successfully created startup companies, meant to serve as role models for Duke students.

About GrassRoots Biotechnology
GrassRoots’ mission is to employ cutting-edge expertise in agricultural biotechnology to create better biofuel, food and industrial crops. GrassRoots is an agricultural biotechnology company that utilizes a Systems Biology approach to develop novel and valuable crop lines for the biofuel, food and industrial markets. The company, formed in 2007, intends to commercialize innovations and expertise developed by Dr. Philip Benfey at Duke University. Dr. Benfey is one of the world leaders in the fields of genomics and development. His research in the areas of plant genomics and plant root development form the core of our technologies, which will provide a competitive advantage in bringing new products to the agricultural markets.

About Douglas Eisner, JD, MBA
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Doug is an attorney and has been involved in a number of technology ventures. He worked as a consultant providing advice in marketing and business strategy to local technology startups Zycare and Bruce Technologies through the Small Business and Technology Development Center (all Chapel Hill, NC). He began his career as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office (New York, NY) and subsequently practiced civil litigation in New York City where he gained expertise in the areas of contracts, corporate law, and intellectual property. He was also Vice President and General Counsel at an Internet startup RiskContinuum (New York, NY). Doug received his BA from Brown University (Providence, RI), JD from Boston University (Boston, MA), and MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University (Durham, NC).

Duration : 0:43:51

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Company Analysis Dissertation

September 28th, 2011 No comments

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Structure of the Company Analysis Dissertation

1. Introduction
2. Macroeconomic and industry analysis
3. Analysis of firm A
4. Analysis of firm B
5. Analysis of firm C
6. Analysis of firm D
7. Summary and conclusions

Company Analysis Dissertation

Paper Summary:
A comprehensive business analysis & Company Analysis Dissertation of Wal-Mart company, the largest retailer in the world. The paper discusses in depth the market position and business strategies. It looks at the organization’s structure and management methods. Wal-Mart’s performance past and present performance is analyzed as a way to predict future trends. The paper offers many statistics and figures for evidence.
From the Paper:
“Wal-Mart is the world’s biggest company and largest retailer with over 4,500 stores. Selling goods ranging from furniture to food and providing services from auto shops to optometrists, Wal-Mart has worked to create an incredible array of products. A traditional power in general merchandise retail or write my research dissertation, the company has many significant inroads into the food retail industry with its supercenter model, a combination of discount store and full-size supermarket….”

A Company Analysis Dissertation

Paper Summary:
This paper is an analysis of the Fortune 500 company, Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was founded in 1982 for the purpose of selling low-cost, high-performance desktop computers running the UNIX operating system. It is a factual overview of the development of the company since establishment provided by Dissertation Report Writing. It details Sun Microsystems’s operating strategy, it’s product and service design, Sun’s Process Planning, Analysis, and Re-engineering, and it’s management principles. It is an in-depth of the company’s performance and it provides insight to their overwhelming success.
From the Paper:
“The history of Sun Microsystems’ operations strategy can be seen from its first years when Andreas Bechtolsheim, William Joy, Vinod Khosla, and Scott McNealy founded Sun Microsystems, Inc., in 1982 for the purpose of selling low-cost, high-performance desktop computers running the UNIX operating system. These computer workstations found immediate acceptance among engineers, software developers, and scientists who benefited from having dedicated machines, rather than sharing more expensive minicomputers or mainframe computer systems (www.DissertationHelpIndia.COM). Unlike its Fortune 500 competitors, Sun Microsystems did not have revenue from other sources to fund development of its computer workstations. This meant that the company needed hundreds of millions of dollars in start-up investments, as well as large purchase agreements, to develop a hardware manufacturing infrastructure and to attract top-flight hardware and software engineers. In 1983 the company signed a multimillion-dollar original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Computer vision Corporation, a designer of computer-aided design and engineering programs. This was the first of many large OEMs for which Sun built computers that sold the workstations under their own labels (Jackson, 1998, p. 119).”

Medtronic Company Analysis

Paper Summary:
In this global economy, a business must be competitive and have a strategic plan to keep that competitive edge alive. This paper looks at Medtronic’s strategic plan as spelled out in its mission statement and objectives. This paper discusses the corporate business structure, the financial position of Medtronic, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It examines where Medtronic is and looks at different strategic alternatives, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Ends with a recommendation for a strategic plan for Medtronic.

Introduction to Medtronic
Introduction to Strategic Analysis
Mission Statement and Analysis
Objectives and Analysis
Corporate Business Structure
Financial Analysis
Financial Health
Strengths and Weaknesses
Threats and Opportunities
Strategic Alternative #1
Strategic Alternative #2
Strategic Alternative #3
Evaluation of Strategies

Duration : 0:5:32

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Future Technology Research

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Use Recorded Future to research far future technology developments for R&D investment and competitive intelligence. In this example we outline steps to this analysis using battery technology as an example.

Duration : 0:3:40

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Applying Competitive Intelligence to your business

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Key competitive intelligence questions you should be asking yourself about your business. Why? Knowing who your competition is, how you are different and developing your responses to their actions can keep you ahead of the game and win you more business.

Duration : 0:3:6

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QUT three minute thesis competition

September 28th, 2011 No comments

See what QUT students are researching at

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is a research communication competition for research higher degree students. Students have three minutes to present about their thesis topic and its significance. Our 2011 grand final features students from each QUT faculty. Kate Cantrell from the Creative Industries Faculty will represent QUT the national final.

Duration : 0:4:3

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Dota 6.67 Competitive Analysis 3

September 28th, 2011 18 comments

Luminous breaks down 6.67 for you
Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, which may or may not contain inherent flaws, or words of Truth

Duration : 0:9:51

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Experian Hitwise – Content Development

September 21st, 2011 No comments

This video demonstrates how our competitive intelligence tool helps you:

– Identify and develop new content areas.
– Expand your PPC campaigns.
– Identify brand strength and perception.
– Pinpoint seasonal search trends that can help improve your content plan.

Duration : 0:7:42

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