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Connecticut, CT Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

December 29th, 2011 No comments
Today was an exciting day at in Hartford at the “Connecticut Science Center” with Google’s Connecticut Get Your Business Online.
Many essential strategies were discussed and great information on how to promote your business in today’s economy, which by the way is booming in the online world.
You have to ask yourself, are you using Google for search, if YES, You should be engaging your clientele online, which we know 67% of the searches are done in Google.
Today many people got a FREE 3 page Website w/ a Domain for 1 year, by Intuit.
There were seminars on using Google Place to get found by your local customers on Google. It’s great FREE tool that has a user friendly way to create and account and plug in your basic information about your business, these things include, Your address, phone numbers, store hours, video, pictures, and even if you have Coupons and Specials, you can list those as well.
Then they got into teaching how to run your business online, Something Easy, Free and fast.
Customers are definitely online, here’s the question. Can they find YOU?
Here’s a tip 97% of consumers research products & services online before buying, don’t you?
Googles online tools help you get found, attract customers.
These include;
Google Places
Adwords Express
Market Intelligence with Analytics and website optimization
Google Apps
Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Google Analytics, Alerts and Insights
Google Adwords & Social Search
The Four Be’s were heavily emphasized for your oinline business, and they are
1. Be Found
2. Be Relevant
3. Be Engaging
4. Be Accountable

2 options were given for Adwords
1. Adwords Express
2. Traditional Adwords
Adwords express is for business owners who don’t have the time or patience to invest in managing their accounts.
Traditional Adwords are for business owners that are more engaged in their online marketing and like to manage their strategies and budget using creative ad writing.
I spoke with Seth Meyerowitz, CEO of UBE, a Certified Google Business Trainer & Adowrds Certified Partner, who gave me some insights on better practices for businesses who are looking expose their business effectively online.
He does Seminars, Workshops & Training, Web Design, Pay Per Click Management and SEO, great guy, so Thanks Seth
I also ran into Adela Martinez with a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION who offers FREE Small Business Advice to help business owners and those who are looking to start a business.
These practices place your website on the front pages of Google relatively fast.
So the question is, “Is your business online? and are you staying competitive by providing useful information to your potential customer base, and I always go back to say “if you’re not catering to your online community, another business is.

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BI Tutorial 12a Introducing Data Mining

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qsftdbmgt, Tutorial, 12a, Introducing, Data, MiningBI Tutorial 12a Introducing Data Mining

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Data Mining, C&RT for Regression – Session 24

December 29th, 2011 No comments

Previously in the series, C&RT and other tree algorithms were discussed for the classification problem. This session uses the regression data, beverage manufacturing, to explore C&RT as well as the other tree algorithms. The options and parameters are reviewed as well as important output. An example analysis is performed in STATISTICA using C&RT. Then the Data Mining Workspace is used to very briefly show the remaining tree tools offered, CHAID, Boosted Trees and Random Forests.

Duration : 0:9:3

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Design Tip of the Week: Make Research an Important Part of your Process

December 29th, 2011 19 comments – In this video I share some insight on why “research” is an important part of my design process and how it helps me solve almost any problem I’m faced with.

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BSL Training Company Pvt. Ltd._Company Profile_2011_Sample.mp4

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BSL Training Company Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of courses which includes spoken English, foreign language, personality development, voice and accent Training, IELTS preparations, corporate training etc. The company runs a successful chain of 20 centres across India.

The report begins with the basic facts about the company such as contact details, revenues, competitors, brief history, line of business and geographic reach among others. Business model of the company describes the rationale of how it creates, delivers, and captures value through its services offered Information about the company’s management side is also provided that details their names, designation, professional experiences, memberships of boards etc. Through SWOT analysis, the report highlights key internal factors that give the company advantage or disadvantage over its peers alongwith key external factors prevailing in the industry that may have favorable or unfavorable impact on the company’s operations. The report also covers the financial analysis of the company including the balance sheet, profit and loss a/c and the key ratios depicting the key financial figures for fiscal year 2007-10.

Industry Analysis provides top level understanding of the education sector in India with emphasis on Vocational training segment. Market size, growth, key segments, growth drivers and trends are some of the foremost points covered in the analysis. The competitive landscape identifies key players of the industry drawing comparisons on parameters such as number of centres, geographic reach, service offerings etc. The company is benchmarked against its main competitors’ key financial ratios in the competitive benchmarking chapter.

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2-4: Basic Information, Brief Description and Service Offerings
Offices & Centres
Page 5: India and Regions
Business Model
Page 6: Business Model
Key People
Page 7: Key People
SWOT Analysis
Page 8: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
Financial Profile
Page 9-10: Profit & Loss Account, Financial Snapshot, Financial Summary and Balance Sheet (2007–10)
Page 11-14: Ratio Analysis (2007-10)
• Profitability Ratios
• Cost Ratios
• Liquidity Ratios
• Leverage Ratios
• Efficiency Ratios
Industry Analysis
Page 15: Education Industry Overview, Market Size and Growth (2008-2012e) and Segments
Page 16: Vocational Training Industry Overview, Market Size and Growth (2008-2012e) and Segments
Competitive Landscape
Page 17-19: Description and Competitive Scenario
Competitive Benchmarking
Page 20-21: Key Financial Ratios (2010)
Recent News
Page 22: Recent News
Page 23: Key Ratios Definitions

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The Market Research Commandments 7

December 29th, 2011 1 comment

The Market Research Commandments IV

Know Your Market Competition And Win Easily

Today let’s finish up our work on how to best conduct your marketing research with the last section and
possibly most important section on knowing your market and keyword competition for each keyword
phrase you want to target before even getting involved in a marketplace.
We know now that it is crucial to have all four elements I have mentioned so far when going into a
market niche in order to increase our business success chances 1000 fold. Those four elements once
more are:

* Find High Volume Traffic Keyword Searches
* Target Want Market Keywords that have Commercial Value
* Introduce Traffic Streams to USP products and services
* Target Low Competition keywords which allow a quick ROI

The fourth market research element is really just another way of saying not to waste your time thinking
you will easily dominate the most competitive keyword phrases without serious effort. Even if we
follow all of these rules can we be sure we are even going to be able to beat the competition an take a
top 3 position in the search engine and gain site traffic?

Here is my USP or incentive for you to buy Market Samurai from Logiscape. Anyone who purchases
Market Samurai through me may email or post a comment on the blog asking any market research
question relating to the tool and how to best use it to improve your business. Thats right ask me
anything at all and I will respond with my best information and even help you with your marketing idea
within reason.

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Competitive Intelligence for Competitive Advantage

December 29th, 2011 No comments

The Mangrove Neuroscience Consultancy challenges leaders and organisations.

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Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

December 29th, 2011 6 comments

Visit: to get SKCA at a very special introductory price.

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Google Senate Antitrust Hearing: Foundem's Analysis

December 29th, 2011 No comments

Highlights of Google Chairman and Former CEO Eric Schmidt’s testimony to the Senate Antitrust Hearing into Google on 21 September 2011, with comments and analysis by Foundem.

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5 Reasons to Pay More Attention to Social Media in 2012

December 21st, 2011 No comments

Social Media 101 Presentation
December 9, 2011 – Toronto Fairmont Royal York Hotel

mobiZONE Canada Social Media & Digital Agency Launch Event

Keynote presentation by Social Media Concierge, Debbie Horovitch, founder of Social Sparkle & Shine. Speaking about the opportunities and reasons for mid-sized businesses to reconsider how important social media can be to their relationship-development activities and how important it can be to have qualified agency partners to guide their social media activities & tests.

Please LIKE and Share this video! If you’d like Debbie to speak at your organization’s event, please contact her!

– PPT presentation design & development: @ClickEric
– Social media research & assistance @HouseOfSabrina

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