What is the Gene Center?

January 23rd, 2012 Author :

The Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function (Gene Center) is a consortium of researchers within Hunter College of The City University of New York — one of the largest public universities in the nation. It boasts unparalleled quality and diversity in its researchers on both the faculty and graduate student levels. At the heart of the Gene Centers mission is an imperative to build unique collaborations among biologists, chemists, biopsychologists, biophysicists, and bioanthropologists; to recruit and equip outstanding faculty; to develop and share core research facilities; and to implement strategies for scientific networking. The Gene Center anticipates a future of increasingly cross-disciplinary research and stays on the cusp of that trend by fostering dialogue and cooperation among diverse avenues of research, by supporting graduate students, and by sponsoring conferences. Research at the Center covers a wide variety of disciplines and topics, including structural determination of proteins and nucleic acids by X-ray diffraction and molecular modeling; characterization of protein-protein interactions involved in signal transduction; investigation of regulatory mechanisms underlying neuron functioning and regeneration; nanotechnology; bioinformatics; AIDS; human behavior; and the implementation of discovery to treatment of disease. The Gene Center provides a vibrant research environment marked by workshops on cutting-edge research techniques; frequent research colloquia by guest scientists; and an annual international symposium, which is a major event on the New York scientific calendar. Faculty of the Gene Center are highly respected leaders engaging in research that is recognized and rewarded at the highest levels: in 2005, Dr. Derrick Brazill, an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, received the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) after winning a 2004 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his work on cell density sensing in Dictyostelium. In 2001, Dr. Marie T. Filbin, a Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, was named Co-Recipient of the prestigious Ameritec Prize for Paralysis Research.

Students, as well, go on to become dynamic and sought-after investigators making noteworthy strides in their respective fields. Dr.Erich Jarvis, Associate Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, studied at the Gene Center as an undergraduate and is now a world-renowned authority on bird song neurobiology. This year he received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Directors Pioneer Award for his research — a grant that provides $500,000 in unrestricted funding each year for five years.

Since the Centers inception in 1985, the growing number of papers published in peer-reviewed journals and the number and amount of grants obtained by the faculty have been the most visible hallmarks of the Centers success. The quality of newly hired faculty and the number of Ph.D. students graduated and placed in excellent positions in industry and academia are further testaments to the effectiveness of the Centers interdisciplinary model. Furthermore, the Gene Centers rich infrastructure enables Hunter scientists to successfully attain highly competitive research grants.

The Gene Center encourages bright undergraduates to make a career of scientific research by hosting a Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). Established in 1994, SPUR was formed to prepare and mentor qualified American undergraduate students who would like to pursue graduate biomedical research. SPUR was especially developed to recruit and nurture minority talent. Hunter College is a leader in academic diversity, with an undergraduate student population that reflects the demographics of New York City. Dr. Robert Dottin, Director of the Gene Center, has successfully diversified the faculty and graduate student bodies, providing role models for excellence in Science. The Gene Center is proud to be a sponsor of the Diversity Supplement of The Scientist.

The Gene Center is supported by the Research Centers in Minority Institutions Program of the Division of Research Infrastructure of the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health. Grant Number G12 RR-03037.

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Competitive Intelligence Case Studies

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competitive intelligence case-studies

You need competitive intelligence. If your competitors are winning, you need to know why. If you are the one winning, you need to check your rear-view mirror. Using exhaustive secondary and primary research, Aqute delivers factual, detailed competitive intelligence. We are rigorous and methodical, and we deliver the best competitive intelligence possible.

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School Earthquake Competition

January 23rd, 2012 Author :

San Diego, CA, March 26, 2007 — Sixth-grade students from Carmel Del Mar Elementary School shrieked with unabashed amazement about 2 p.m. Tuesday at a UC San Diego earthquake-safety research complex eight miles east of campus. All but one of the seven-story buildings constructed by 20 teams of students in their classrooms toppled during Tuesday’s quake test, with K’NEX rods, connectors, and building parts scattered across the surface of UCSD’s largest shake table.

The noisy learning experience was part of a unique earthquake-safety competition organized by Philip Yu, a graduate student in the Jacobs School of Engineering’s structural engineering department, and involved more than 1,100 fifth- and sixth-grade students from schools in Escondido and Del Mar. UCSD faculty also helped, as did scientists with the National Science Foundation, the federal agency that funded the construction of the shake facility at the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center.

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SEO Competition analysis

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I met another SEO bloke on a plane this week. We got talking about keywords & competition. Here’s my process for keyword selection & competitive analysis http://bit.ly/mhyVAW

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Korean Gamers: APM Demonstration

January 15th, 2012 Author :

APM = Actions per minute
This from the documentary “The Hax Life”
It’s about the professional gaming leagues in Asia and the lifestyles of the gamers.

#81 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Germany
#32 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Australia
#17 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Canada
#59 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – United Kingdom
#33 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Ireland
#10 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – India
#16 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – New Zealand
#34 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Israel
#14 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming
#4 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – South Africa
#18 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Spain
#12 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Mexico
#15 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – France
#54 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Italy
#60 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Netherlands
#37 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Brazil
#63 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Gaming – Sweden
#21 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Gaming


Here’s the links to the whole documentary for anyone interested.
There are 4 parts (Parts 1-4)


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GBI Mining Intelligence – Dragline and Truck / Loader training

January 15th, 2012 Author :

Through the thousands of years of data, GBI knows what it takes to be best practice, combined with our field trainers experience and opportunities recognised through interactions, we know what Dragline, Loader and Truck operators should be trained on!

How can you train effectively if you don’t know what best practice is?? We Do!


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Data Mining, Introduction of Beverage Manufacturing Data – Session 23

January 15th, 2012 Author :

This session introduces a data set that will be used to explore the use of data mining tool for the regression problem. The data, beverage manufacturing, has a continuous target variable. The goal of the data mining project is to determine what variables are good predictors of this continuous variable and to train data mining models to predict it. This session reviews the data mining project goals, reviews the data using basic statistics and graphs, and selects appropriate variables. http://statsoft.com/products/data-mining-solutions/

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How to Bend the Web to Your Will – Part 2

January 15th, 2012 Author :

http://kylegraham.tv – In part 1 of this video, I told you that we’ll be building an automated, dedicated research staff that will report to you each day the top news in your industry, or the moment your competitors even breaths or says ANYTHING, or knowing the moment anyone anywhere says anything about you or your company. And I showed you a few sites that already archives this information.
See, back in the day it used to be just Google that led you to quality information on the web, but now-a-days, with the recent explosion of web 2.0 and social media, there are now thousands of websites serving as gateways to quality information.
As great as this sounds, this is exactly why Web 2.0 is killing a lot of people right now! What makes social media so powerful is that any and everyone is now able to contribute information to the internet, dramatically increasing the quantity of information available, thus leading to the perception that it’s “information overload,” and that “we can’t keep up.” Have you heard that or even better, have you felt that?
Well, I want to suggest that this is a mis-diagnosis of the problem. It’s not that it’s information overload, its that there are a limitation of the filters to help you sort through that information.
Now in the last video, I introduced you to a few good “filters” for this information (Google, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, Social Bookmarking sites), and in this video, using the magic of RSS, I’m gonna show you how to put all of this on auto-pilot! I’m gonna show you how you can take all this quality information sources and pipe only the good stuff to a manageable platform, so that whenever you’re ready for it, it’s there waiting for you.

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Shemrock Schools Pvt. Ltd.-Company Profile-Sample.mp4

January 15th, 2012 Author :

Shemrock Schools Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in providing schooling services for students of Kindergarten to Grade 12 in India. The company runs a successful chain of around 10 study centres in India.

The report begins with the basic facts about the company such as contact details, revenues, competitors, brief history, line of business and geographic reach among others. Business model of the company describes the rationale of how it creates, delivers, and captures value through its services offered. Information about the company’s management side is also provided that details their names, designation, professional experiences, etc. Through SWOT analysis, the report highlights key internal factors that give the company advantage or disadvantage over its peers alongwith key external factors prevailing in the industry that may have favorable or unfavorable impact on the company’s operations. The report also covers the financial analysis of the company including the balance sheet, profit and loss a/c and the key ratios depicting the key financial figures for fiscal year 2009-10.

Industry Analysis provides top level understanding of the education sector in India with emphasis on K-12 Market. Market size, growth, key segments, growth drivers and trends are some of the foremost points covered in the analysis. The competitive landscape identifies key players of the industry drawing comparisons on parameters such as number of centres, geographic reach, service offerings etc. The company is benchmarked against its main competitors’ key financial ratios in the competitive benchmarking chapter.

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2-3: Basic Information, Brief Description, Brief History and Service Offerings
Offices & Centres
Page 4: India and Regions
Business Model
Page 5: Business Model
Key People
Page 6: Key People
SWOT Analysis
Page 7: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
Financial Profile
Page 8-9: Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet (2009-10)
Page 10-12: Ratio Analysis (2009-10)
• Profitability Ratios
• Cost Ratios
• Liquidity Ratios
• Leverage Ratios
• Efficiency Ratios
Industry Analysis
Page 13: Education Industry Overview, Market Size and Growth (2008-2012e) and Segments
Page 14: K-12 Market Overview, Market Size and Growth (2008-2012e)
Competitive Landscape
Page 15-16: Description and Competitive Scenario
Competitive Benchmarking
Page 17-18: Key Financial Ratios (2010) Segments
Recent News
Page 19: Recent News
Page 20: Key Ratios Definitions

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How to do SEO Keyword Research For Video Marketing #2

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SEO Keyword Research Basics Tips on how to do keyword … 9 min – Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool Wordtracker offers a valuable subscription based keyword research service … Dan Thies’s SEO Research Labs offers professional keyword research services … Effective Keyword SEO Research, Part 1 – ClickZ Oct 15, 2007 … Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO initiative. This series walks you through the basics. Part one of two. SEO & PPC Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Tools : SEO Book.com List and short review of some of the keyword research related tools on the SEO and PPC market. Effective SEO Keyword Research Analysis ? SEO Blog Aug 24, 2007 … Every SEO campaign begins with well-thought-out keyword research analysis. Focus on wrong keywords and it may take several months to get … Beyond keywords, we take keyword research and search engine … Beyond keywords, we take keyword research and search engine optimization to the next level by entering the mind of the consumer. SEO (Services) Basics – Good Keyword Research | SEO Services … One of the most important if not the most important SEO Service task of them all is doing your keyword research thoroughly. Keyword Research Tool :: Webmaster Toolkit Search Engine Optimization Tools ? Keyword Research Tool … WebmasterBrain’s SEO tools & tips to help improve your search engine rankings. hit counter … Keyword Research, SEO Consulting and Training | SEO Research Labs Keyword research, seo consulting, training, and free 90-page guide to SEO. . Keyword services for professional search engine optimization Learn everything you need to know about keyword research from the … Viral Marketing Insights From ? SEO Expert Series: Mark Nunney …

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